Using the Virtual Classroom

The Virtual Classroom enables faculty to monitor and assist students.  It provides a real-time view of the desktops of all students in a particular group who are online – all from a single screen.  Student can raise their hand to ask questions.  Faculty can click to get a closer view of a student's desktop and even request remote control access to help a student along.

Using the Virtual Classroom




Using your preferred web browser, navigate to the web address provided by your administrator (eg. “") and log in to the system using your Faculty credentials.


Click on  to access the Apporto App Store.


Select your App or Desktop

Locate the desired app or desktop and click Launch



The selected app or desktop opens in a new browser tab.


Open the Virtual Classroom


Click the Virtual Classroom    option in the top menu bar.

 The Classroom option is only available for Faculty users and only if their Admin has enabled this feature.

Select the relevant group (eg. course, section, etc.). 



The Virtual Classroom will open in a new browser tab.


The desktops of all users in the group (who are online) will be visible.  When a new user logs in, their desktop will appear.  When a user logs out, their desktop will disappear.

Desktops are shared in “view only” mode, and students are notified when their desktop is being shared.




Enlarge a Desktop


Click on a desktop to enlarge the view. 


Request Remote Control


In order to assist a student, click the View Options dropdown menu and request remote control. The following request will appear on the student’s desktop.




If the student accepts, faculty will see the view refresh.  "You can control this desktop" will appear at the top of the view.  Faculty may cursor into the view to control the student's desktop.