Navigating the App Store


The App Store provides access to all the applications available through your Apporto system.

The Apps list shows all the applications available to your user account. Each entry in the list shows the name of the application, the name of the developer/publisher, the application type and an “action” button (Install, Launch, Download).

NOTE: In cases where an application is not authorized for your user account, the “action” button shows the label Request, allowing you to submit a request for the application to your Administrator.

There are four application types:

  • Native app – Native apps are locally-installed applications that are managed and remain under control of the Apporto system.

  • Downloadable app – Downloadable apps are locally-installed applications that are not managed under control of the Apporto system.

  • Streamed app – Streamed applications reside on a remote server and are “streamed” to your local computer through a web browser. Streamed apps are the most
    common app types in Apporto.


  • Web app – Web applications are browser-based client-server applications in which the client (user interface and client-side logic) runs in a web browser.

To search for an application:

When you search for an application, the system reads the word(s) in your search term as a string of characters (rather than as separate words), and searches for occurrences of the text string anywhere in the application name or the developer/publisher name. For example, the search term “ad” would include the results “AutoCAD,” “Notepad” and “Cadence.”

  • Enter the term you wish to search for in the “search”  box, the press the <Enter> key.

    • The Apps list refreshes to display only those applications that contain your search term in either the application name or developer/publisher name.

  • Click the  icon to clear the “search” box and return to the full Apps list.

To send feedback to Apporto:

The Feedback tab (located on the upper right margin of the App Store screen) lets you send questions, comments or suggestions for improvements to the Apporto Support team.

  • Click the Feedback tab.

    • The Feedback Form displays in an additional browser tab.


  • Click the cursor in the Your Feedback section of the form and enter your question, comment or suggestion.

  • Click the Submit button to submit your feedback.

    • The message "Thank you, your submission has been received" displays to confirm your submission.

  • Click the Go back to the form link to return to the Feedback Form, or, close the browser tab to return to the App Store.