Launching an App

Certain apps are hosted on a remote server, and are “streamed” through your web browser to your local computer.

To launch an app:

  1. Using your preferred web browser, navigate to the URL provided to you by your Admin (e.g. and log in to the system to access the App Store.

  2. Locate the app you wish to launch.

  3. Click the Launch button.

    • The system provisions your user account. When provisioning is completed, the app is launched in an additional browser window or tab.


NOTE: If you have a popup blocker, you may need to temporarily stop the blocker or add the site to the popup blocker exception list.

NOTE: Some applications (those requiring administrative rights) may take a few minutes to launch, because the server needs to start before the app can be launched.


      4. After successfully connecting to the remote server, the app is displayed in the browser window.

      5. You may now begin using the app.



      6. To change the display mode:

  • Click the  button in the top panel to toggle the display to full screen mode.

  • Click the  button in the top panel or press the <Esc> key to return the display to normal mode.

    NOTEMinimizing a streamed app (via the minimization bar in the upper right corner of the app) will hide your app unless you’re working in a full desktop. The minimized app will not be visible on your screen. To continue work, go back to the App Store and relaunch the app.

      7. Click the File upload  button in the top panel to upload a file to the cloud PC. Click the File download  button in the top panel to download a file from the cloud PC. Learn more about uploading, downloading, and deleting files.


      8. Use the Share screen  button to invite other users to collaborate in the current session.


      9. Click the Analytics  button to view activity statistics for your user account.


     10. Click the Save/Restore snapshots  button in the top panel to save or restore a "snapshot" of the current session.


      11. Click the Sound  button to turn sound on or off.


To ensure an optimal experience with Apporto, make sure you have a high bandwidth, low latency internet connection. Latency should be less than 100ms. If you have a poor network connection, response times may be slow and images may appear pixelated. Use of personal hotspots is not recommended as they will not work reliably.

If your internet connection becomes unstable while working with an app, the message "Poor internet connection detected. You may experience interruptions!" will display at the top of the screen. SAVE YOUR WORK to avoid data loss.
If your internet connection is lost, a "SESSION DISCONNECTED" message displays. Click the Reconnect button to attempt to reconnect to the Apporto server.