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Webinar | Panel Discussion: Moving from Legacy VDI to the Cloud

Many colleges and universities have accelerated their cloud journey to take advantage of the flexibility, simplicity, and cost-efficiencies of the cloud. This shift is compounded by the fact that many higher education institutions are increasingly reluctant to host and manage data centers. The decision to make the move, however, can be a difficult one.

During this interactive session, hear from a panel of experts from Seattle University, Emory University, and UNC Charlotte as they discuss their motivations for change and share experiences of moving from on-prem VDI to the cloud and the impact on students, faculty, staff, and the overall institutional community.


  • Hear first-hand from leaders who moved from on-prem VDI to cloud virtual desktops and learn how they came to make that decision
  • Learn how to prepare for the move and ensure a successful transition
  • Understand the differences between cloud-based virtual desktops and legacy VDI