Apporto vs. VDI: Meeting the Work Anytime, Anywhere Challenge



Can IT teams provide cross-device capability, create an awesome user experience, and stay on budget?

IT departments are under pressure to deliver a great user experience – no matter where users are working. VDI is one way of enabling remote work, but is it the best way? Or should your company consider alternative solutions, such as Apporto’s Cloud-based virtual desktops?


In this white paper, you'll learn:

  • Why VDI’s inefficient hardware usage drastically impacts performance.
  • Why container- and server-based virtualization delivers an awesome user experience.
  • How Apporto frees IT teams from tedious tasks, including backups, updates, monitoring, and user support.
  • How Apporto delivers virtual desktops at an 80% lower cost than VDI.


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