Release Notes For Business

Release Notes For Education

Focus More on Your Users and less on Tasks

Provide anytime , anywhere access to your users - with a great user experience. Our architects have created a state of the art cloud solution - we just plug you in

"I was floored by the
performance of the virtual
-Gwen Britton, VP, SNHU

A Near-Native User Experience in the browser

Optimal network latency and bandwidth

Users are always connected to the nearest data center. Advanced algorithms keep bandwidth use minimal.

Advanced autoscalling

Advanced heuristics add and remove capacity as needed. Keeps performance high and costs low.

Desktop ready in seconds

Traditional virtual desktops often take minutes to start resulting in loss of productivity.

Supports demanding applications: 3D, video, conferencing

End-to-end optimization ensures users have a great user experience - even for the most demanding use cases.

A Highly Secure Environment

Delivered in the browser. No VPN, no client needed

VPN and clients introduce security exploits that can spread viruses to the network or corporate servers.

Data resides on the server - Secure and backed up

No physical security loopholes - irrespective of the posture of the end user's premises.

Pen testing, monitoring and alerting included

Expert engineers continuously test and monitor the service to ensure a risk free operation.

"This is a really great product and everyone using it is loving it"
-John Homer, Sr. Systems Engineer,
Virginia Tech


A Turn Key Solution
with Everything You Need
Built-in (and Nothing You Don't)

Windows 10, Mac OSX and Linux desktops

Deliver virtual desktops that cover all your user needs: OS, CPU, GPU, persistent etc.

Multi-cloud and hybrid cloud

Easily manage AWS and Azure and even on-prem resources from the same console.

Simple management and high reliability

Our experts have done all the heavy lifting so you don't have to.

Patching, Monitoring, and Backup Included

We have automated the tedious tasks and we keep a watchful eye to make sure it all works.

Plug-and-play integration

Simple integration with LDAP, SAML, OneDrive, GDrive, Dropbox, Box etc.

Low Cost, Flexible Licensing

Advanced heuristics keep costs low

We have automated our experts' knowledge to optimize costs at all times

Economies of scale

With 100s of customers, our infrastruture vendors provide us with volume discounts and we pass those to you.